Art Specifications

  • Accepted Programs
    • Corel Draw (up to version X5)
    • Gerber Edge / Omega (version 3.0)
    • Quark Xpress (up to version 6.5)
    • Adobe Illustrator (up to version CS5.5)
    • Adobe Photoshop (up to version CS5.5)
    • Adobe InDesign (up to version CS5.5)
    • Adobe Acrobat (up to version X Pro)
    • MacroMedia Freehand MX
    • Any other graphics program that can save to or export files as a .AI, .EPS or .TIF format (i.e. Macromedia Freehand, if file is saved or exported as an .eps file.)
  • Types of Files to Send

    Using the proper file type is essential for outputting your art correctly. Vector-based graphics are best for reproducing artwork with logos, type and other elements that do not use halftone images. Bitmap files are best when some type of photographic image is part of the black & white product. Vector and bitmap files can be combined in a design, provided all files used to create it are included with the file.
    Always send all text, fonts, AI, EPS, TIF, etc. files used to create your artwork.

  • Layers

    When submitting Photoshop files, do not flatten the image. We are unable to make changes to the file once it has been rendered.

  • File Resolution

    Submitted files should have a resolution of no lower than 300 dpi at their finished size. Raising the dpi of a graphic that was created at a lower resolution WILL NOT improve the quality.

  • Disk Names & File Names

    Disk names (if used) and/or file names should be kept as short as possible. Names should be letters, numbers, or both. Do not use any punctuation or other symbols.
    Never use a period(.) as any part of the file name if you are using a Macintosh. This creates an artificial file extension that prevents our file conversion program from working properly. Also, do not add file extensions; our file conversion program does that automatically.

  • Colors

    Use PMS Spot Colors when assigning colors to art, except on 4-color process jobs. If you are using one of the standard ink colors from our chart, assign a PMS color in your file and it will be changed to the color specified on your purchase order.

  • Screen Angles for Separations

    Film positives should be right reading emulsion up (line screen determined with artwork).

    Screen angles color separations

    • Cyan - 7.5 degrees
    • Magenta - 37.5 degrees
    • Yellow - 82.5 degrees
    • Black - 67.5 degrees
  • Accepted File Storage or Transfer
    • PC or Macintosh formatted 3.5" diskettes
    • PC or Macintosh 100 Zip disks 100MB
    • USB Flash Drives
    • CD-ROM or DVD
    • E-MAIL: Orders sent via e-mail must be confirmed with purchase order.
    • FTP:// - Contact us for upload information.
  • All Disks/Files Must Include
    • Hard copies (i.e. laser or color prints) of a composite proof with color separations for multiple color jobs. A black & white laser print is acceptable for single color jobs.
    • A cover sheet with the names of all files and their formats.
  • Font Information

    If possible, convert all Text to Paths (or Curves). This means that the text is an object and can no longer be edited as text. This prevents font substitutions, which occur when a font is used that is not on our system. If this is not possible, send copies of all screen and printer fonts used in the file. Fonts used in placed graphics must also be converted or sent with files.

Compliance to the recommended instructions above does not guarantee that the media or electronic transfer will output production capable art. Art files that are not provided as compliant to our software versions will be charged a min fee of $55.00 for converting files via outsource providers. If your digital art files require text copy updating, you will be charged at a $55.00 per hour rate. Please provide change instructions and a contact person for composite art proof approval. Customer service will contact you if the digital file format or requested art change/s are subject to service charges. Design services are available at $80.00 per hour and/or quoted based on scope of the design project.

It should be noted that jpgs, tifs, and bitmaps are not acceptable art, as they will require additional art time to convert, unless job is to be produced as four color process.